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2gether is not a bank, it is a financial platform that offers financial products and services manufactured and/or offered by third parties. Currently our money management services are supported by Pecunia Cards E.D.E., who hold an Electronic Money License authorized by the Bank of Spain.

No, 2gether is a service made for everyone, even if they are not involved with cryptocurrencies. The first version of 2gether makes use of crypto functionalities because we think that in the beginning, the crypto community will better understand the participation model of the expansion and growth of 2gether.

Furthermore, we have built 2gether to create a door to the crypto world.

Your money is managed by Pecunia Card E.D.E., an Electronic Money Institution regulated under the directive 2009/110 of the European Commission, and it is custodied by licensed banks with whom Pecunia has commercial arrangements. Unlike banks, Electronic Money Institutions cannot lend or invest the deposits of the customers and have to have them available at any time. Only the customer can order outflows or inflows of their capital.

At the moment, 2gether is available for residents of the 19 European countries (ID or Passport is essential) which operate using the euro as their main currency. It's not valid for the registration Driving Licenses or Residence Permits. Our objective is to become a global platform and thus, we are working on expanding 2gether to the rest of the world as soon as possible.

If the application closes unexpectedly or you have any other problem, check if you have the latest version installed. If the problem persists, contact us at support



Depending on the European country, it will take 1 to 3 weeks

Contact us at support

Do not worry. You can immediately deactivate it using the 2gether App.

Contact us at support

Go to the card section in your 2gether app and request pin.

On the sign in page, click on forget my password and insert your email.

Contact us at support

Contact us at support

The limits on ATM withdrawals are the following: €300 per day, €3,000 per month, €36,000 per year. The limits on your card payments are the following:€2,500 per day, €15,000 per month, €180,000 per year.

2gether does not charge the user for cash withdrawals from ATMs. However, the ATM’s bank might charge a fee for the withdrawal and this is out of 2gether’s control. As seen on Cryptowisser.


About the 2GT token and community

What is the 2GT?

The 2GT token is the key engine of 2gether's platform. It works as the component that fosters access and collaboration within the platform between users and providers, and rewards any member of the community (user or product supplier) that adds value and contributes to the growth of the platform.

Is the 2GT a token?

The 2GT is an ERC20 token. It is currently in the process to be emitted as a Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) in Malta, the first country to establish a regulatory framework for investor protection in the European Union for Token Sales.

What are the benefits of owning 2GT?

2gether’s collaborative model is built around its native token, the 2GT, which acts as its own unique unit on the app for user contributions, store of value intrinsically linked to the platform’s transactional growth and medium of exchange for 2gether's stakeholders within our ecosystem.

How is the increase in value in the platform transmitted in the token?

2gether’s business model works entirely towards increasing the value of the 2GT. All transactions between 2gether’s users and suppliers will increase the demand of 2GT, and the supply of 2GT will be fixed.

Moreover, 2gether will continuously promote initiatives to increase the demand of 2GT, and to control its velocity and supply. Some of them include: increasing the 2GT rewards per transaction, promoting payments directly in 2GT by lowering costs for suppliers, etc. For more details, please read our upcoming Tokenomics paper.

Why does 2gether want to make its Token Sale regulated?

2gether is built on trust and transparency, and we believe that issuing a fully regulated token is the best way to generate trust between the community and 2gether. That is why, during the past months, we have been working to have our 2GT tokens in full compliance with the Maltese legislation, and thus become a VFA token in the European Union.

What is a Virtual Financial Asset?

Under the definitions of the The Virtual Financial Assets Act, 2018 (The VFA Act), a cryptocurrency may be classified as a Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) and the Act provides a comprehensive set of rules that will protect consumers and support the growth of the industry and its stakeholders.

The Act outlines stringent requirements for those that are launching cryptocurrencies, as well as other service providers including brokerages, portfolio managers, and perhaps most crucially, cryptocurrency exchanges.

How does the referral program work?

You can access the referral program and invite your friends from the dashboard and from the 2GT Community section in the App.

You can share your personal link through all your social networks, including WhatsApp. Your friends can access the App through your personal link, your code will be automatically prefilled in their onboarding process.

You can also copy your code and share it with your friends so that they can record it manually in the onboarding process.

How much can I earn with the referral program?

For every friend you bring to 2gether that becomes a founder, you will both receive 100 2GT (€5). The more founders you refer, the more 2GT you can earn, up to 300 2GT (€15) per friend. Please find the incentives table below:

Friends 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41
Reward per friend 100 2GT 150 2GT 200 2GT 250 2GT 300 2GT
Friends Reward per friend
1-10 100 2GT
11-20 150 2GT
21-30 200 2GT
31-40 250 2GT
41 300 2GT

Why is the referral program important for 2gether?

It is a way to grow our community and reward its founders for their effort with the 2GT token, the essence of 2gether!

In a collaborative platform, the main force of progress is its members, the referral program is an essential part of 2gether´s success.


About 2GT presale and public sale

How will I receive the tokens?

The 2GT tokens acquired during the presale are blocked in the wallets of the application. However, these tokens will be unblocked the day of the public sale and from that moment, the holders will be able to send them to any other address. (exchanges, particular ethereum wallets, etc).

What happens if the 2GT is not classified as a VFA?

The 2GT token will be issued under the ERC20 standard. Even if it is not issued as a VFA, all users who acquire the token will receive it in their 2gether wallet and will be able to send it to any other wallet they wish to.

In which exchanges will the 2GT be featured?

The 2GT will be featured on exchanges authorized to offer VFAs in accordance with the Malta Financial Services Authority

How can I acquire the 2GT if the presale ends or if all the tokens are sold out before the Public Sale?

If this happens you will have to wait after the token has been issued in order to buy the 2GT from another user using an exchange.

Why should I participate in the presale event?

By participating in the presale event you will get a bonus depending on how much you invest and the current stage of the event.

Who is able to participate in the presale event?

Individual investors in the 19 countries of the Eurozone can participate. If you are an institutional investor, inside or outside the Eurozone, please refer to the Invest section of the website.

Where can I learn more about the presale event and the public token sale?

You can learn more about our presale and public token sale in our Tokenomics paper.


Data Protection

What data do we collect from you?

In 2gether we require, as mandatory data to become a user of our services: Email address, ID details (name and surname, postal address, birthday) and, Telephone number Signature Picture Profession

Moreover, from your use of the services of 2gether, through the use of the App or the website, 2gether may access or obtain the IP, the advertising identifier of the mobile device, the characteristics of the mobile device such as the microphone or camera , the language of preference and the country of origin, the data of the session (reference domain, websites visited, date and time of access to the web), the record of movements of your 2gether account, as well as the derived data of the actions performed by the user through the functionalities of the Service provided by 2gether through the app.

All these data will be processed for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

What do we do with the personal data that we collect? Why do we collect it?

We treat your personal data, safely, for certain purposes.
Specifically, to provide our services, to improve the services we offer, to improve the user experience of 2gether, for the development of new products and services of 2gether based on user statistics, to generate statistics and analytics, to detect and to prevent any identity fraud, to reinforce the established security measures and to analyze the use and repercussion of our services, and to send advertising and promotions via email. You can consult the purposes, in more detail, in our
Privacy Policy.

What legal basis do we have to collect them?

First, your consent, which you can revoke at any time by sending an email to

Second, our contractual obligation to provide you with the 2gether services for which you have previously registered.

Third, the obligations of 2gether for the detection and prevention of identity fraud in accordance with the provisions of the legislation relating to money laundering.

Fourth, the legitimate interest of 2gether for the sending of commercial communications, for the realization of tests to correct possible errors, improve the Service and provide an optimal Service to the User and for the elaboration of internal analysis and reports to evaluate the result of different campaigns or promotions launched by 2gether.

Who do we share your data with?

We have providers that have access to personal data as Treatment Managers. The relationship of 2gether with them is materialized in a legal document, fulfilling all the requirements demanded by the European and Spanish Data Protection legislation and are subject to strict confidentiality commitments. These managers will only process your personal data according to the instructions of 2gether and always for the treatment purposes specified here and in our privacy policy.

In 2gether we do not currently share your data with third parties. If we were to assign them in the future, we will do it as long as we have your prior consent. These third parties will be located in the European Union or in the countries and territories that the European Commission has designated with an adequate level of Protection of Personal Data. In case there are other international data transfers that do not comply with the above criteria, the recipient will be accepted by obligation to the standard Contractual Clauses established by the European Union.

How do we protect your personal data?

Protecting our customers' information and privacy is extremely important to us. 2gether has implemented all the security measures required by the European and Spanish legislation for the level of risk of the personal data processed.

We have a Security Document in which we collect all the technical and organizational measures for the protection of personal data. Likewise, in our Treatment Registry we collect the treatments that are done on personal data of users.
We have a Data Protection Delegate with whom you can contact by sending an email to:

What rights do you have about your personal data and how can you exercise them?

As a user of 2gether you can exercise the following rights: Right to request access to your personal data Right to request its rectification or deletion, Right to request the limitation of its treatment, Right to object to its treatment, Right to data portability; Right to oppose the creation of profiles

To exercise them, you can send an email to our Data Protection Delegate ( and he will inform you how to do it.

How can I revoke my consent for you to stop using my personal data?

If you decide to revoke the consent of the usage of your data, send an e-mail to and expressly request revocation.

If you revoke the consent to collect and process your personal data you will NOT be able to use the services of 2gether and we will automatically unsubscribe you from our services. Your data will remain blocked and we will delete it after the deadline established by Spanish and European legislation. Therefore, you can also revoke your consent by deleting the 2gether User account in your Personal Area> Personal Data> Delete Account.

This revocation will have the same effects as the CANCELLATION / SUPPRESSION right, which you can exercise by sending an email to At the time of revoking the consent you can also exercise your PORTABILITY right.

What happens if we want to collect other personal data other than those you have consented to?

We will not do it if we do not have your express consent to do it. If you do not give it to us, we will not collect that personal data. We only collect and process personal data that you previously have freely and knowingly accepted.

What happens if we change the purposes of the processing of your personal data?

We will send you a notification to read and accept, or not, the new purposes reflected in the Privacy Policy, it is your decision.

How do we create profiles?

At 2gether we create profiles according to the use that users make of the services. These profiles are pseudonymized and as a user of 2gether you can oppose this treatment.

How long will we save your data?

Your personal data will be saved while you regularly use the 2gether Services and as long as they have the established purposes. We will submit your data to a review period of 6 months - in case of inactivity or of not needing to process the data for the aforementioned purposes - after which, if we do not consider necessary to use them again, we will proceed to block them (we will not be able to use them, although we have them saved) and to its definitive deletion later.

Where can you find more information about our Cookies?

In our Cookies Policy you can see the cookies we use on our website and in our app.

Where can you find more information about our Privacy Policy?

For more details, check here our Privacy Policy.

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