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The product

Joining 2gether in 5 minutes

Joining 2gether in 5 minutes

Get an IBAN and a debit card. You will need a valid European ID or Passport and the best of your smiles

All your economy in one place

All your economy in one place

Add additional bank accounts and automatically control how much you spend. Predict your financial health into the future.

Smart banking

Smart banking

Activate the FLAP assistant so it may monitor your finances 24/7, controlling wrong debits, extra liquidity, overdrafts, and category specific overspending.

Program your economy

Program your economy

Set automatic “recipes” in your account and debit card: liquidity, paying abroad, debits permission, rounding up card payments into savings accounts, etc.

Send money

Send money

Send money using your favourite apps (Whatsapp or Facebook messenger). Just press the send money button and your friend will choose how to get the money (debit/credit card, bank account, paypal)

A different card

A different card

Choose the balance you wish to pay with: euros, pounds, BTC, ETH… Get the best exchange rate when paying abroad in other currencies.



Purchase financial products from Fintech and bank from across Europe without leaving the 2gether application. Browse offers of insurance, investments and loans and complete the entire transaction in seconds.

Beyond euros, dollars, pounds...

Beyond euros, dollars, pounds...

Buy, trade and exchange assets beyond common currencies: gasoline, electricity, knowledge, skills, ticket concerts...

2gether card

When you open a 2gether account, you will receive a contactless debit card with some “unique” features to make your life easier:

2gether credit card
2gether credit card

Chose the balance you want to pay with.

2gether’s card will debit against your euro balance by default, but you can change it to use your other balances: other currencies, cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.). Eventually you will be able to choose from other non-financial assets you may own such as electricity, fuel or mobile data.

2gether credit card

Set automatic "recipes"

Your card has three fundamental "recipes" that, once activated, will allow you to:

  1. Pay in foreign currency with the best market exchange rate
  2. Round up your payments to save that additional money into a separate account
  3. Finance your purchases automatically from an amount you choose
2gether credit card

ATM withdrawal

The 2gether card allows you to activate and deactivate the following functions:

  • Full card control, the ability to enable or disable the card, wherever you are.
  • ATM money withdrawal.
  • Online shopping.
Have control of your card expenses by category

Take control of your expenses by category

Enable all of your transactions to be classified into their respective categories and utilise the flap assistant to search for specific financial movements.

About 2gether

Ready to change the world?

Join us and help us to reshape the financial world. Check your open positions or drop us an email!

Token sale

We are currently working on the 2gether Token Generation Event. The TGE will have three stages:

  1. Accredited and Institutional Investors: If you are interested in investing please contact us at Investor Relations.
  2. Presale: To be announced shortly.
  3. ICO: To be launched the same day of 2gether's Beta launch.

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